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Thanks for your interest in sponsoring us. As you can see from the image below, we have many companies that trust us to make good reviews on their products. And that's not all of them. In fact, every company shown below (and more) has sent us an item to review; we never bought it. Some of the companies are small individuals and others are so big that even you have heard of them. Right now some of our biggest sponsors are GoPro, PhoneSoap, and AgileBits. We must be pretty good to have them for a sponsor, right? You are currently on the iappletech128 site. Here is where we make articles every day, all day on the latest Apple news. Occasionally we make text-based reviews for people who want them. Go ahead and have a look around. If you would like a text-based and/or video review you can let us know in your reply. We have a playlist on our YouTube channel where all of the reviews are placed. You can view our reviews for yourself here. Again, thanks for checking out this page and we hope to do a video on your product soon.


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