You Have to Pay to Watch a Video on YouTube!

05/09/2013 19:31


YouTube has just announced that they will be staring a pilot program where you have to pay for a subscription. What this means is that you have to pay real money just to subscribe to someone’s channel. And the worst part is: you have to pay just to watch one of their videos! Sure the subscriptions are starting at $0.99 a month, but you still have to pay just to watch a video.

They currently have a small group of 53 channels participating in the pilot. There is one similarity in all of them: they are all professional TV shows. As I scrolled through the 53 channels I noticed that they all produced TV shows, like many companies are doing now.

Overall, I think this is a really bad idea. There are some people that I subscribe to that I couldn’t live without. It’s the same for us. We make videos that help people with their tech problems. We have always been free and will always be free. I personally don’t think that you should have to pay just to look at a video. We feel very strongly about that so that’s why we are making a promise to you. Here it is:

No matter how much we need the extra money, we will never make you pay to watch a video or subscribe to our channel. You need technology support and you will get it… for free. We don’t think it’s fair to pay for a subscription to a channel that we like so why should we do it to you? 

Source: YouTube Blog




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