WWDC Recap - iOS 7

06/11/2013 19:15


One of the most anticipated things at WWDC yesterday was iOS 7. While there were no new devices announced to have this put on, it still is an exciting thing. Like many others predicted, Apple did make a huge change to the software. They made all of the colors brighter and the icons simpler (see figure 1). What Apple says is very true: “iOS 7 is a pure representation of simplicity”.

One of my favorite new features in iOS 7 is the new Control Center (see figure 2). You can access the Control Center from anywhere to make some quick setting adjustments, such as Wi-Fi and airplane mode on or off, screen brightness, volume, Airplay, music playback, flashlight, calculator, camera, and more.

They also made big improvements to the Multitasking Bar (see figure 3). It’s not a bar any more; it takes up the whole screen. You get a preview of the page that you were last on so you can see what you were looking at in that app. You also get the icons of the apps running below the pages. Quitting apps are now more fun. All you have to do is swipe up on the page to quit that app.

Apple also announced the arrival of the very rumored iRadio (see figure 4). It’s actually called iTunes Radio. You can create custom channels based on what types of songs, artists, and genres you like to listen to. However, iTunes Radio has ads, but you can remove them by subscribing to iTunes Match. If you hear a song you want, there will be a buy button at the top right and you can buy that song right from the radio station page.

Another cool, new feature is the redesigned Notification Center (see figure 5). At the top is three different tabs, consisting of today, all, and missed. Today shows you what’s on your calendar for the day. All shows all notifications and missed shows you some calls and text that you missed. The best feature of the Notification Center is that you can access it from the lock screen (see figure 6).

The lock screen is completely redesigned with a new way to unlock your device (see figure 7). Instead of sliding across the device you can now slide up. As we said in the last paragraph, you can slide down to access the Notification Center. Just like iOS 5 and 6, you can slide up on the camera icon to go to the camera app.

There are tons of new features including a redesigned Siri with new voices. You can see what else is new on Apple’s iOS 7 page here. iOS 7 will come out this fall, but if you are a developer you can get it now. 




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