WWDC 2014 Recap: OS X Yosemite

06/02/2014 16:22

As we expected, there was a huge design overhaul with OS X 10.10. It takes on many of the things that we saw with iOS 7. Most notably, the windows are transparent, the text is thinner, and the whole UI looks a lot simpler. There is also more connectivity between OS X and iOS. Now can now answer phone class right on your Mac. All of the icons are also simple. They carry the flat look that we all loved and hated with iOS 7. 

One of the things that Apple spent the most time talking about was Spotlight. It's redesigned and has a new look. The search is also more powerful and you can find things better. Other than just showing your notifications, Notification Center now includes much more important items, like weather, stocks, upcoming events and more. Apple is allowing developers to make widgets that can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. 

Also like iOS 7, all of the apps have gotten a complete redesign. The interface is much simpler and flat looking. The first beta of OS X Yosemite is available to developers and people that were invited to the beta now. You can learn more about OS X Yosemite here.




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