WWDC 2014 Recap: iOS 8

06/02/2014 16:24

iOS 8 is like iOS 6. It carries everything over from the previous version, with just a few improvements. iOS 8 keeps the simple look of iOS 7, but adds a few more things. Probably the most important feature that made me so excited was the new keyboard. With the stock keyboard it now includes a future where it auto-guesses your next word, much like Android. The biggest feature to me was the ability to download third-party keyboard from the App Store and use them as replacements for the native keyboard. That's right, you can have a swipe keyboard on your iPhone within any app!

Like OS X Yosemite, there is now the ability to download widgets from the App Store and put them right in the Notification Center. 

Some other minor improvements include a few of your most used contacts while in the app switcher (which seems a little strange of a feature), audio iMessages, Touch ID SDK (which allows developers to add support for Touch ID within their apps), and some more improvements. There is a more powerful Spotlight search built-in, just like OS X Yosemite.

Apple also introduced their new Health app. This lets you keep tabs on your health by making logs. It will also count how many calories you've burned and keep your sleep logs. The first beta of iOS 8 is available for download today to registered iOS developers. You can learn more about iOS 8 here.




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