WWDC 2013: Sold Out in 2 Minutes

04/25/2013 16:42


As you may know, Apple started selling tickets for WWDC. It only lasted 2 minutes! Apple started selling them at 10:00AM PST and it ended at 10:02. The tickets were selling for $1,599 each at a rate of 41.6 tickets per second. That means that Apple made $66,625 per second. Roughly, Apple sold about 5,000 tickets and made a grand total of $7,995,000.

It’s amazing how popular Apple’s WWDC is becoming. For example, it took one hour and 42 minutes to sell all tickets last year, a little under 12 hours back in 2011, and eight days in 2010. This is the sixth year in a row that all of the tickets sold out, a streak that started back in 2008. 




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