WWDC 2013 Could Mark 230 Days Since Last Keynote

04/24/2013 18:21


Unless Apple is planning a keynote before June 10th, Apple will have gone 230 days since the last keynote or product announcement. In fact this will be the longest wait in between keynotes as far as we can remember. The last keynote was back in October of 2012 when the iPad mini and the super thin iMacs were released. Before now, the longest we had to wait was 132 days back in 2010 when the iPad 2 and the new MacBook Air model was released.

The picture shown above was made by Jay Yarrow from Business Insider. His chart shows in detail what was released and when. The chart is dating all the way back to January of 2010 (when we had the second longest wait, 132 days). 




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