Would you buy colorful iPhone?

01/03/2013 18:50


The 2 biggest rumors surrounding the iPhone 5S are: Will it have colors and will there be more than one screen size? That is what most people are asking and answering to. Most Apple lovers are actually thinking that the iPhone 5S will have colors like the newly updated iPod touch 5 and have more screen sizes. If the iPhone 5S in fact has colors, they will most likely have the same colors as the iPod touch 5 (product red, pink, black, silver, yellow, and blue). Another rumor people say is true is that it will come in two different screen sizes. One question that people are asking is “What sizes will they be?” That is a question that a lot of people can’t answer. We still don’t know what those two sizes will be, but we most likely know that one of them will be 4”. In a poll by BGR asking what color iPhone 5S people would get, 35% said they would get it in either blue, pink, or yellow. 28.4% said that they would wait to see what the 5S colors would look like in the store before buying it. One of the bad things about having colors and different screen sizes is that the resellers like Verizon or AT&T would need to have a large amount of stock on the 5S because there are endless combinations of the colors, screen sizes, and gigabyte sizes. Do you think there will be colors? What color would you want? What size screens do you think Apple will have? What size screen would you want? Email us your answer.




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