Wireless Charging in New Apple Devices?

03/08/2013 18:03


You've heard of wireless keyboards and mice, but have you heard of wireless charging? I know. Who would think of this? Well some people are saying that Apple is rumored to incorporate this "wireless charging" idea into future Apple devices. Honestly, this idea seems a little far-fetched. We are very smart and advanced with technology, but are we really this advanced?

This concept is basically sending electricity through air. We can do this with signals, but can we really do this with electricity? You can't just request an outlet to send power to your device so this would require an outlet adapter to send the power.

Most likely you won't be bringing the wireless charging adapter with you everywhere you go so this would require a physical port on the device if Apple were thinking to eliminate this port.

This new technology is also rumored to be added to the upcoming models of the Samsung Galaxy S IV (4).

While this idea seems good, we just aren't this advanced yet in technology.




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