What will we see from Apple in 2013?

01/01/2013 10:44


Apple released many new and interesting products last year, but what will we see from Apple in 2013? We will mostly see new updates of products like the iPhone or iPad, but there may be something new.

What will we see from Apple in 2013?

1. iPad 5:

The iPad 5 will most likely have a new chip, better camera, and a slate or silver back like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

2. iPad mini 2:

The iPad mini will see a better chip and a retina display.

3. IOS 7:

There isn’t much to say about it because the release of it is so far away and there isn’t that many rumors about it.

4. iWatch:

Apple is rumored to make a watch with Intel. Read more about the iWatch: https://iappletech128.webnode.com/news/apple-iwatch-1/

5. New OS X version:

Just like IOS 7 there isn’t much to say about it, but it’s a new version. It is rumored to have Siri.

6. iPhone 5S:

Another update of the iPhone rumored to have colors instead of black or white.

7. 13” retina MacBook Air

Apple made a 15” and 13” retina MacBook Pro so now it’s the air’s turn.


Apple could surprise us and update something else, but this is what we are pretty sure of. If you have anything else that you think Apple will announce, or we forgot to add, email us at  iappletech128@gmail.com 




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