What to do if you spill a liquid on your Mac's keyboard

01/06/2013 13:47


Spilling a liquid on a keyboard can definitely be a frustrating situation. By following these tips you can help prevent and save your keyboard.


What to do if a liquid is spilt on your keyboard:


When a liquid is spilt on your keyboard the first thing you need to do is to unplug your computer and turn it off. When you turn it off don’t click the Apple logo and click shut down.  What you need to do is hold the power button for about 5 seconds or until the screen goes black. Doing this is how you immediately turn off power to your MacBook. Then you need to turn your Mac upside down on the table (it will look like a little tent) and leave it in that position to get the liquid out of the keyboard. After you do this take paper towels and clean around and under the keys. Cleaning under the keys will be a little difficult, but will help your Mac. After that you just need to wait a while and power on your Mac. Here is what you can try at your own risk:

1. Take off the keys in attempt to soak up the liquid.

2. Put your Mac in rice or something to soak up the liquid.


How to prevent this from happening:


If you don’t want this to happen to your Mac you can follow these simple steps:

1. Get a keyboard cover so the liquid won’t get to the actual keyboard.

2. Keep all drinks away form the Mac incase it spills.

3. Have Apple Care so even if this happens you are covered.


Did these tips help you? Has this happened to you before? Let us know.




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