What OS X Might Look like with the iOS 7 Theme

12/14/2013 09:33

OS X with iOS 7

There have been many pictures of OS X and iOS coming together, but with the new iOS 7 design there are some more pictures showing what OS X might look like with an iOS 7 theme. Apple has updated many of their own apps to have a simpler look. iMovie 10 is an example. They updated it with flatter icons and a simple look.

These pictures show what OS X might look like if they merge it with iOS 7. In the pictures, all of the apps have now got the same simple look as iOS 7. There are round icons, rather than having the icons be different shapes. In the menu bar there is an Apple logo and the word “Mac”. When you click on the Mac button it will likely show your file, edit, view, window, and help options.

The dock is transparent and there is Control Center in the dock as well. On the lock screen it looks a lot like iOS 7. There is the time and date with what looks like the slide to unlock text. In addition to all of that the font in thinner then what it currently is.

Source: Andrew Ambrosino




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