What Apple Changed in the 16GB iPod Touch to Keep Costs Down

06/01/2013 16:20


To keep costs down, Apple removed some things from the iPod touch that a lot of people aren’t too happy about. They removed some things to keep the cost down because they can’t keep all of the fancy features and just give you 16GB less. It would cost too much for the $229 price tag.

One of the most noticeable things is the absence of the rear facing camera and flash (see figure 1). Since they don’t have a camera, there is no need for a flash. At least you still get a front facing camera that can do FaceTime chats, take pictures, or record videos. A microphone would look weird all alone on the back so they moved it next to the plastic sleep/wake button (see figure 5). Speaking of plastic buttons, they got rid of the aluminum buttons that correspond to the iPod color and replaced them with plastic ones (see figures 4 and 5).

Another way to keep costs down is to have only one color. With the 32GB model, you got a black screen with a slate back or a white screen with any other color. On the 16GB model you only get a black screen with a silver back. The 32GB model with a silver back had a white screen so you can now tell the difference between the 16 and 32GB models.

The second most disappointing thing (after the camera) is the removal of the iPod Loop. Sure I never use it, but it’s still nice to have. On this model there is no Loop in the box, nor is there an attachment on the device itself (see figure 2).

Finally, the Apple logo and iPod branding seems like it’s printed on the device and looks matte, where the 32GB model has a glossy Apple logo that reflects light (see figure 3). This isn’t a huge problem, but we’re just pointing out the differences between the two models.

Overall, I’m not that big a fan of the new iPod. To me, it seems like it would be worth it to spend an extra $70 to get 16GB more and a rear facing camera. This is an iPod that I won’t be picking up. While I was at the Apple store today I shot a quick review of the new iPod touch. You can watch it below.




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