Virgin Mobile will Begin Selling the iPhone 5

06/21/2013 09:27


Virgin Mobile just announced that they will start selling the iPhone 5 next Friday, June 28th. Just like T-Mobile, they will be offering it on their no-contract Beyond Talk service plan. The plan starts at $35 a month for 300 minutes of talk and unlimited messaging and data. Next, is $45 per month for 1200 minutes of talk and unlimited messaging and data. Finally, the highest plan is $55 a month with unlimited everything. If you sign up for automatic payments you will get $5 a month on any Beyond Talk plan, making them $30, $40, and $50 a month.

Virgin Mobile won’t be selling the iPhone 5 for the cheapest. They will offer a $100 discount off any full price iPhone 5. This will make the 16GB model $549.99, the 32GB model $649.99, and the 64GB model $749.99. 




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