Video shows Early MacBook Unboxing

04/01/2015 14:52

An early unboxing of the upcoming MacBook has just been posted on YouTube. This video was shared by Vietnamese site Tinhte.vt. This video shows you around the MacBook box as well as what you get inside.
The unboxing looks pretty similar to the current MacBooks. On the front of the box is a picture of the front of the MacBook with the lid closed, demonstrating how think it is. Around the sides it just shows the Apple and MacBook branding.
Inside, the MacBook is sitting on top. Below that is the normal quick start documentation. There's also an iPad-like power adapter. However, this power adapter has a USB C port, rather than a traditional USB port. Finally, there's the charging cable, which is just a USB C to USB C cable.
You can watch for full unboxing and overview with the video above.




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