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01/09/2013 17:02


Mail Chimp has sent out an email notification to all of its subscribers. In the email it states that there are some new changes to Mail Chimp. If you are not familiar with Mail Chimp it is a newsletter service where you can send newsletters or anything to your subscribers. Mail Chimp is the service that we use to send our weekly tech letter. When I asked Mark on his thoughts of Mail Chimp this morning before he left for CES this is what he said:

“We have been using Mail Chimp for a little over a month now (5 weeks to be exact) and it has left a big impression on me. The ease of use of the service is very easy. If some one wants to send out a newsletter for their company, but isn’t tech smart they can defiantly use it without any problems. If anyone wants to send news letters and don’t know what service to use I would defiantly recommend Mail Chimp.”

Mark’s impressions may change over the next few weeks because Mail Chimp added a new feature to it. When I asked Mark what would be one thing he would change he said having the drag and drop editor being able to save the templates. Before, the drag and drop editor was only a beta and not fully developed. In the news letter that they sent out today they said that you can now save the template to your template list. Mark’s impressions would surely go up after he sees this.




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