Updated Apple Wireless Keyboard Spotted on Online Store

03/23/2015 08:34

Apple has kept the same wireless keyboard for sale since 2011. It hasn’t seen an update for a long time, but it looks like we might see a new one soon. As spotted on Apple’s online Czech Republic store, there is a new wireless keyboard. There isn’t a huge design change. In fact, it looks the same as the current keyboard.

Where the differences are is the new actions keys. With the current wireless keyboard, the F5 and F6 keys have nothing on them. However, on the MacBooks they are used for backlights. Now, the keys now feature the same backlight icons, hinting towards there being backlights in the new keyboard. The only other major change is where the eject button was. They replaced it with a power button. This could mean that you can wake up or start your Mac right from the keyboard.

Apple has added the new image to their online store in the Czech Republic, however it seems to have been an accident. The description of the keyboard is the same as before. And if you buy it you’re still purchasing the old model. Hopefully we’ll see this new keyboard launch soon in all countries.

Source: 9to5Mac




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