UL Warns People of Counterfeit Apple USB Power Adapters

03/15/2013 10:05


Safety science company, UL, issued a warning to consumers and retailers about counterfeit Apple USB wall adapters. These adapters look like the real thing, but are not certified for electrical use. They look a lot alike and even have the same part number (A1265).

When trying to spot a fake you want to look at the front of the adapter. On the opposite side of the green dot it will say “Designed by Apple in California”. On the fake ones it might say “Designed by Abble in California” or “Designed by China in California”.

Next time you are out looking for an adapter, make sure you look at the wording to see if it says the correct thing. Also, if you get an adapter from Apple without a green dot, take it back because that means it wasn’t certified to be plugged into the outlet. 




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