THX Sues Apple Over iDevice Speaker Design

03/17/2013 09:53


It hasn’t been a good month for Apple. First they lost an appeal in Mexico for naming rights. They went up against people saying that Apple stole their mane, the iFone. Now Apple is being sued by THX over the speaker design for the new iMac, iPhone, and iPads. THX sued Apple a few days ago over a claim of an infringed patent relating to the speaker design on the new devices.

The patent was first issued to THX back in 2008 (patent no. 7433483). That patent protects narrow profile sound systems with a narrow sound duct. You can read the exact patent description here.

Apple and THX have never had any problems with each other before. In fact THX even makes apps for Apple in the App Store. Now we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with Apple and THX.  




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