Thunderbolt Display Supplies Running Low at Resellers

06/26/2013 15:18


According to a report by MacTrast, supplies of Apple’s Thunderbolt Display are running low at resellers. This isn’t the first time supplies of the Thunderbolt Display have gone low. This January, AppleInsider reported that the same thing was occurring. 6 month later there is still no refresh model (or even a single announcement of one).

MacTrast says that the Thunderbolt Display is:

Out of stock at:

·      Adorama

·      Fry’s

·      CDW

·      MicroCenter

Limited stock at:

·      PowerMax

·      MacConnection

·      Best Buy

·      Datavision

In stock at:

·      MacMall

·      B&H Photo

·      Amazon

·      J&R Electronics

·      Apple Online Store

·      Apple Retail Stores

If a new Thunderbolt Display is coming, we are expecting some major improvements. This consists of a much thinner body just like the new iMac. It should also have updated Thunderbolt ports. A while ago we reported that Intel released the next-gen ports. Apple equips the Thunderbolt Display with one Thunderbolt port so it should update to that port. Finally, we are all hoping that Apple will add USB 3.0. The display has been stuck with USB 2.0 ever since it was released and it’s time to get something a little faster.

As for the Cinema Display, there’s no guarantee that Apple will ever update that model. Not many people need a display that connects via a Mini Display Port anymore. The Cinema Display uses three ports on your Mac; one USB, one Mini Display Port (or Thunderbolt port), and one MagSafe port (if you are on a MacBook). Now, with the Thunderbolt Display all you need is a Thunderbolt and a MagSafe port. The only people who might need a Cinema Display are the ones with a Mac Pro, but Apple will be updating it this fall with SIX Thunderbolt ports. 




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