The Mac Turns 30

01/24/2014 16:25

Apple's Macintosh has today turned 30 years old. Apple is making this known everywhere. It's front and center on their site, as well as a section in the Mac App Store featuring some of the best apps that you can get. They have also made a video showing how the Mac is used and the evaluation over the thirty years. 

On their site there is a page telling you about who came up with the different versions of the Mac. You can click on that to learn more information about that person and the design of that model. 

From their celebration page you can also enter information on your first Mac. Choose which one was your first, your country, and what you use it for and they will thank you for the certain amount of years that you've owned a Mac. On that page you can also use a slider to see how the use of a mac has changed over the years. 

Finally, on top of all that Apple has also created a poster that is being hung up at their campus featuring the names of everyone that have previously and currently worked at Apple. 




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