T-Mobile Announces ‘SCORE!’ Program

01/26/2015 13:01

T-Mobile has just announced another part of their Un-carrier program, this time with phone discounts. The new “SCORE!” program gives you steep discounts on new phones. The SCORE! program costs users $5 a month, but to many it will be well worth it. According to their press release, after being in the SCORE! program for 6 months the user will be able to get a low end smartphone for free. One of those devices is the Alcatel ONETOUCH Evolve 2, which retails for $80. After 6 months you’re paying $30, resulting in $50 in savings. T-Mobile also says that after 12 months you will be able to get $150 off any phone, such as the iPhone or any other device. If you’re in the market for a new iPhone, T-Mobile sells it starting at $649. With your discount, that makes it $499. However, you are spending $60 for that year that you’re enrolled in the program, which really means you’re only saving $90. While that is still a big savings, you’re not saving as much as it seems. 

This new program is available to all T-Mobile customers for $5 a month starting today. You can learn more about the program here.




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