Strangest Rumors of 2013

12/27/2013 09:59

There have been many rumors in 2013. Some of them ended up being true, and others were so off they could have never been possible. In this article we take a look at rumors that we though were far from the truth.

iPhone Mini:

Back in January there were some rumors going around that Apple might release an “iPhone Mini”. It would have a smaller screen, like the iPhone 4 and 4S. This seemed like it would never be true because at that time Apple was still selling the iPhone 4 and 4S. If someone wanted a smaller iPhone they could just pick up one of those. However, our article stated that it would come in three years. I guess we’re still waiting.

iPhone Math:

Also in January there was another rumor that Apple might release a bigger brother of the iPhone 5, the 4.8” iPhone Math. It was suppose to come at WWDC with the iPhone 5s. However, during the first quarter earnings call, Tim Cook denied an iPhone with a bigger screen. In the article we said that there were going to be three new iPhone released, but we didn’t know yet what the third would be. That would later be the iPhone 5c. The iPhone Math is yet to make its debut.

Retina Display 2

At the beginning of 2013 there were some rumors that Apple could add an improved Retina Display to their devices. Back then we didn’t know much about it. From the problems with the current display they might be able to make the device a little thinner, since they had to elevate the pixels for it to work right. However, they did this with the iPad Air. The Retina Display 2 never ended up going anywhere.


Even though the rumor started in December of 2012, it kept going for many months into 2013 and is still going on now. The iWatch was rumored to be a watch made by Apple and features Bluetooth, a 1.5” touch screen, and the ability to connect to your iDevice. It was expected to come out in the middle of 2013, but it didn’t. From the watch you could answer calls, take pictures, view emails and text, and more. This seemed like a good idea. Later in the year Samsung released their own smart watch, like the one Apple was alleged to do. Their watch featured all of the things we talked about above.

Budget iPhone

In March reports were saying that Apple might release a cheaper version of the iPhone along with the 5s. At that time people assumed that the budget iPhone was the iPhone Mini, but later on we learned that the screen size would be the same. The box the device was leaked and that’s when we first got a name for it: the iPhone 5c. Even later on we learned that the way Apple would make the new iPhone cheaper is using cheaper parts. Many people, including myself, doubted that this was a real thing. If you wanted a cheaper iPhone then you could just get one or two generations of the iPhone below the current one. However, Apple ended up releasing the iPhone 5c along with the 5s. 




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