Square Announces the New Square Stand

05/14/2013 17:20


Square created a whole new way of accepting credit cards on the go with the Square Register. They also changed the way small companies sold items in their store with the Square Register app. Square has taken it a step further and released the new Square Stand.

The Square Stand features a built-in case for the iPad that hovers over the card reader for easy access to the Register app. Right below the iPad is the card reader. It’s a little longer than their mobile card reader, but it doesn’t really matter since your not going to use this on the go.

One neat feature of the stand is that it has a swivel base so you can make a transaction on one side of the counter and spin it around to have your costumer sign on the other side. The only bad thing about the stand is that it doesn’t have an opening for the camera on the iPad. This means that you have to use an external barcode scanner, but you can pick one of those up from Square here for $99.

The Square Stand is aimed to replace your big, old cash register. It’s also focused at a small company since it will only set you back $299. They stands will ship on June 8th, so for now you can pre-order one here starting today. 




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