Siri is New and Improved!

05/15/2013 17:00

Apple has been tweaking a few little things with Siri the past few days and we are staring to find some of those out. The good thing is, these new Siri commands and features will work without the need of an iOS upgrade. Here is a list of what we have found new with Siri so far.


First, Siri will now laugh at her own jokes. When you ask her to tell you a joke she will say something dumb and then laugh at it (as seen above). If ask Siri to tell you a question she might not answer the same way she did in the screenshot so don’t get mad if she tells you something different.

Next, Siri will now complain if you use too many words in you question (as seen above). If it is too long she will ask you to state the question again, but shorter. While this might not be a good feature, it’s new to Siri.

Source: Reddit Via: Cult of Mac

Source: iLounge Via: Cult of Mac




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