Silver iPad 5 Rear Shell Shown in New Photos

08/01/2013 09:35

Back in January and February there were many leaked back cases for the iPad 5. They were all featuring the same design as the iPad mini. Now there are more pictures of the back casing for the iPad 5 that have just been leaked.

FanaticFone shares some picture of what they say is the rear casing for the iPad 5. Just like all of the other ones, this back panel has the same design as the iPad mini. The volume buttons as smaller and longer just like the iPad mini and feature dual stereo speakers on the left and right of the Lightning connector. The only thing that is a little off is the color. All of the leaked backs showed a slate color like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. This back is silver, just like the current iPad. The iPad mini also comes in white, but you can tell that this one is silver.

The report also claims that the Apple logo is the same color as the back, but it is hard to tell from any of the provided pictures. One of the photos shows a little part of the Apple logo, but it’s too out of focus to tell if it is silver or black.  

The iPad 5 is expected to be released this fall along with the iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2.




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