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01/03/2013 14:15


Many people make New Year’s resolutions, but how many people get to see what someone else’s resolutions is in another country? That is what Google is trying to do now with a thing called Google Zeitgeist. When you go on to the site there is a world map with different colored dots (in correlation with the category of the resolution) and you can put your mouse arrow over one of the dots and you can see the resolution. When someone makes a new resolution it will have a neat animation with then dot falling form the sky. A lot of the resolutions are in a different language so you can select the language you want the resolutions in and then Google will translate it to the correct language. You can create your own by selecting the category of the resolution, typing the actual resolution in, and add your zip code so Google knows where to drop your pin. Don’t worry about someone knowing who you are because there is no name put into the system. Go look around the site and maybe you will get a new resolution for yourself.

You can look at the site here:




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