Retina Display 2?

01/15/2013 17:23


Could Apple be in the process of making a Retina Display 2? That is what people are asking. The famous Retina Display was first shown in the iPhone 4 and them made an appearance in the iPhone 4S, 5, iPod touch 4, 5, iPad 3, and 4. The retina display is also rumored to show up in the iPad mini 2. One of the downsides of the Retina Display is that Apple had to elevate the pixels due to the pixels getting blurred and that made the device a little thicker. If the display becomes a stronger rate of pixels they may be crossed and that might then make the device a little thicker. Do you think the thickness of the device would be worth it for a better screen? If the Retina Display 2 is a real thing you might see it in the iPad 5, iPhone 5S or 6, MacBook Air (if Apple is planning to make a Retina model), and maybe the iPad mini 2. We will most likely not see the Retina Display 2 in the iPad mini 2 because they have had no experience of a Retina Display in an iPad mini. Stay tuned for more news on the new Retina Display.  




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