Realistic iPad Air 2 Replica Surfaces

06/17/2014 09:23

We know that the iPad Air 2 is coming sometime soon, but there haven’t been many leaks of the device. Now, has shared images of what they say is an iPad Air 2 replica. The front of the device looks much like it does now, but there is a Touch ID home button in place of the normal one. The back also looks similar to what it does now.  On the bottom of the device we have some slightly redesigned speakers. Instead of being stacked two high, it’s now a long row on both sides of the Lightning connector. 

Another difference is the volume buttons. they are a little more recessed as compared to the iPad Air that we have now. There is also no mute button, but they say that the hole above the volume buttons is where it will go. 

We are expecting the new iPad Air this fall along side the iPhone 6 and other new devices. You can view more pictures of the iPad Air 2 here




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