Radio Shack to Offer Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 Tomorrow

06/27/2013 17:54


Last week we reported that Virgin Mobile would start carrying the iPhone 5 starting tomorrow. Along with their website and stores, Radio Shack will also be selling the iPhone 5 via Virgin Mobile.

Not only will Radio Shack be offering the iPhone 5 on Virgin Mobile’s no-contract plan, but will also offer a special promotion to celebrate the launch. Radio Shack will offer a $50 discount off of the iPhone 5 with eligible trade-ins before July 27.

You can either get the iPhone 5 through Radio Shack at one of their stores or online. They will be selling the iPhone 5 for the same price as Virgin Mobile, $549.99 for the 16GB model. However, it is unclear if they will be carrying the 32GB and 64GB model or if you will need to go to a Virgin Mobile store to get one that size. 




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