Physical Mockup Shows 5.5-Inch iPhone 6

04/30/2014 16:08

First iPhone 6 Prototype

The first physical mockup of the iPhone 6 has just surfaced, thanks to Chinese site Feng. Strangely, this is of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6, not the more leaked 4.7-inch model. Since this is a simple model there isn't much on the front of the device other than the edges of where the screen will be. 

On the back of the device is a camera that is coming out of the device a little, like the iPod touch 5th generation. In between the now single and not dual flash is the noise canceling microphone. Other than that everything else is the same. 

Finally, on the left hand side is the volume buttons. They are longer shaped, like the one on the iPads. The mute switch is longer as well with the actual thing you push on thinner as well. Just like all of the rumors and leaks have shown up to now, it looks very much like Apple is working towards a more iPod touch-like style. This will allow for a more thinner and lighter design. 




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