Photo of ‘iPhone 5C’ Box Surfaces

07/28/2013 17:06

An image posted by WeiPhone shows the back packaging of the rumored budget iPhone. The boxes look like they are made of plastic, like what Apple does with their iPods, rather than using normal cardboard like they do with their iPhones and iPads.

On the back of the box there is no specs yet so we don’t know what sizes it will be in and what the serial number will be. The top and bottom of the boxes feature Apple logos, but the side has something a little different. For the budget iPhone we were expecting a name such as the iPhone mini, but this picture shows that it will be called the iPhone 5C. The name will be just like the iPhone 5S, but feature a C. This was a very unlikely name. Some people are coming up with creative ideas of what the C could mean; the iPhone 5 Cheap, iPhone 5 Compact, iPhone 5 Color. Yet again, the C could mean nothing just like the S. 




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