OS X 10.10.3 adds Emoji Upgrades

02/06/2015 15:21

After Apple’s first seed of OS X 10.10.3, people have been actively investigating where Apple could have added new features. Now, people have discovered improvements to emojis. Under Edit > Special Characters you can find all of the emoji figures. With 10.10.2, there’s just a big list of the characters. Now, with 10.10.3 there even more refinement. Under Emoji you can limit your results down to People, Nature, Food & Drink, Celebration, Activity, Travel, and Objects. 

There’s also blank spaces and missing characters, hinting towards new figures. Apple is also said to be working with Unicode, the makers of Emoji, to add skin color options. A few months back the developers of emoji announced that the simple yellow emoji figures will get skin colors soon. Now it looks like we could be seeing those soon on the Mac.




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