New Use for the Mac mini

05/18/2013 19:04


Not many people are using the original Mac mini any more. They are big, thick, and not that pretty to look at. The Mac mini got slimed down a lot by the removal of the optical drive. People ditched their old Macs for smaller ones and now the old ones are coming in use again.

If you aren’t using you old Mac mini you might want to consider giving it to your cat. It seems that they like them as pillows. Biru (Indonesian for blue) loves her Mac mini. You can say she is addicted to it since she is on it for almost 12 hours.

She also loves her Logitech headphone. She wears them the whole time she’s on the Mac. I guess you can say she is a geek too!

Happy Caturday!

What Biru is thinking: “The Mac is talking… I must listen.” 




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