New Survey Shows How Popular Apple is to Teens

04/09/2013 17:13


A survey by Gene Munster shows the number of teens using iPhones and iPads. There were 5,200 teens included in the study. According to the report, 48% of teens use an iPhone, which is up 8% from fall of 2012. 51% of teens own a tablet computer, which was 34% in spring of 2012 and 44% in fall of 2012. 63% own a full-sized iPad while only 5% own an iPad mini.

As you can see in the results, Blackberry is at a tiny 1%, which is only 52 teens. That is less than the number of teens that don’t own a smartphone!

Here is the phone results written out as numbers (from spring of 2013):

iPhone: 3,224

Android: 1,196

Blackberry: 52

Other smartphone: 416

Non-smartphone: 312




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