New Rumors Claims the 5S will have a Sapphire Crystal Home Button

05/14/2013 19:04


According to supply chains in Taiwan, the iPhone 5S will come with the much rumored fingerprint sensor, but with a new twist. They say that the 5S will not only come with a fingerprint sensor, but with a capacitive sapphire crystal covered home button.

This rumor is a little different from what we’ve heard lately. Most sources say that Apple will integrate the fingerprint sensor right into the device and get rid of the home button. This source says that there will in fact be a home button, but covered in sapphire crystal and run a fingerprint sensor underneath the hood.

Another difference is they say it will not only run a fingerprint sensor, but will also be a capacitive button. This means that you can touch the button without having to click the button, nor will you need to have your fingerprint scanned to go home.

This isn’t the first time Apple has used sapphire crystal in an iPhone. They introduced it for the first time on the iPhone 5. They added it to the camera lens as an act to eliminate the lens scratching. If Apple really is going to do this it wouldn’t be surprising that they would use sapphire crystal since they have the experience with it.

Source: TechNews




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