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05/28/2013 19:26


olloclip has just released an official app for the iPhone. The app is designed to work with your 3-in-one olloclip lens system. It has special features to make your picture look better while using the fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lens. They say that the app lets you build on the advantages you already get with the olloclip lens. While using the olloclip lens with the normal camera app you don’t get the same enhancements that you can in the olloclip app. One of the problems with the olloclip was some of the shot distortions, but that was corrected in the olloclip app. 

Here are some of the features of the app:

Mesh Editor Tool – Conversion lenses can add an interesting curvature to your photos. Once the photo has been taken, use the Mesh Editor tool to adjust this effect.

Video Mode – This mode allows you to shoot comfortably and easily while using your olloclip to transform your field of view.

Normal Mode – Maximize on your olloclip lens system by using Normal Mode to capture your favorite images.

Macro Mode – Use Macro Mode to help set your focus when using the olloclip macro 10X lens.

Reticles – Use the reticles to adjust focus and exposure independently or together. Tap the icon to lock the two on any point on your viewfinder screen.

Photo Library – Access all your photos through the olloclip app and then adjust them using the Mesh Editor.




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