New MacBook Airs Having Wi-Fi Problems

06/20/2013 09:37


It didn’t take long for a widespread problem to occur with the new MacBook Airs (only about a week). Thousands of people are going to Apple’s support forums and writing they are experiencing Wi-Fi connection issues.

Many are saying their new MacBook Airs are initially connecting to Wi-Fi, but the connection quickly stops working. Whether they turn Wi-Fi off and back on, or forgetting the network and re-signing in, nothing works. The only way people have found a way to fix the issue is a total reboot.

This could be due to the users Wi-Fi connection. There might be a problem with the 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip that has problems connection to that certain type of Wi-Fi, since the chips are new.

If you are having this problem there might be a fix for it. If there is a bug in the chips software, Apple will surely fix it in a future software update (probably this fall with OS X Mavericks). Also, don’t go out and return your Mac because of this. I have a mid 2012 MacBook Air (the one without the Haswell processor) and once or twice a month I need to reboot my Mac due to a Wi-Fi connection problem. Sometimes it just can’t find the network or I get an error message saying it couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi network. 




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