New Mac Mini to come Next Month

01/22/2014 16:05

Apple's beginner computer, the Mac mini, hasn't seen an update since 2012 and it really needs one. Almost all of Apple's Macs have received Intel's power-efficient Haswell processor, except for the Mac mini. Belgian seller has posted a spot on their site for a new Haswell Mac mini in Core i5 and i7 variations. Many times postings like this are very unreliable and don't end up true. Back in November Target had something similar for the iPad mini with Retina Display that was giving the launch date. As it turned out, that date was false. 

However, someone called the store with the new Mac mini listing and they said that the information was given to them by Apple. When asked about the launch date they said that it has not yet been given to them, but going with some of the placeholders and listings they are expecting it at the end of February. Right now all we know is that the new Mac mini will have a Haswell processor. Facts about it are currently very vague and we aren't sure what else will be new. 




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