New Lock Screen Bypass Bug Found

03/21/2013 16:09


Yet another bug has surfaced, this time in the new iOS 6.1.3. The first lock screen bug was found a month ago that let you bypass the passcode by doing several different commands. This one is similar to the previous one doing the same thing, but with different commands.

To bypass the passcode and get into the phone app, you need to do the following:

1. Go to settings > general > passcode > enable passcode and voice dial when locked.

2. Lock the device and hold the home button to access the voice control feature

Note: You need to do this on an iPhone with voice control enabled. If you have an iPhone 4S you can disable Siri.

3. Tell voice control to call 123. Right when it says “Calling 123”, pop out the sim card on your device. That should do it and you can get into the phone app without the passcode.

Hopefully Apple will fix this issue in future versions of iOS 6. For now you can go to settings > general > passcode > disable voice dial if you don’t want this bug to happen to you. 




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