New iOS and OS X Banners have been Hung up

06/07/2013 18:27


Apple is almost done decorating the Moscone Center, as we stated yesterday. They put up some new banners yesterday and we‘re just getting a glimpse of some more banners inside. From the two banners you can see that there will, in fact, be a release of iOS 7 as well as a new version of OS X at WWDC on Monday.

The iOS 7 banner is simple with a white background and a colored 7. However, the OS X banner is a little different. It features a big X on top of a wave scene background. Previous banners’ background always related to it’s corresponding cat. We can’t say the same for this one. Right now we can’t tell why they have a wave. It could relate to the type of cat in version 10.9.

What type of cat do you think this version of OS X will be? Some of the comments on other articles suggest that is could be Sea Lion or Catfish. What type of cat do you think 10.9 will be? Email us your answer.

Source: 9to5Mac




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