New Drawings of the iPhone 5S and “iPhone Light” Surface

06/19/2013 08:49


Following yesterdays photos of a case that is said to be for the lower cost iPhone comes drawings of the iPhone 5S and as they call it, the iPhone Light. AppleInsider obtained the photos from a case maker who believes these are the dimensions for the two iPhones.

The iPhone 5S is predicted to be almost the same size as the current iPhone 5. The photos say it’s going to be .03mm less wide and .03mm taller. A negative is that fact that it’s .1mm thicker than the iPhone 5.

The iPhone Light will be .61mm wider and .61mm taller than the iPhone 5S. It will also be .8mm thicker. Other than it being wider and taller than the iPhone 5S, the front of the two are almost identical. Just like yesterday’s case showed, it will be thicker than the iPhone 5 (and 5S) and feature rounded corners. The top features the same sleep/wake button in the same place as the 5S. The bottom now only has four holes for the speaker and one hole for the microphone, which is located very close to the headphone jack.

And finally for the back. The 5S looks exactly like the 5, except the flash is a little longer, probably for the rumored dual flash. The Light looks like it will only have one flash. It looks like there will be no two-tone back, probably because it will have a plastic casing to keep costs down. 




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