New 16GB iPod Touch Now in Apple Stores

05/31/2013 18:28


Yesterday, Apple released a new version of the iPod touch fifth-generation. The new iPod touch comes with a black screen, silver back, and no rear facing camera. This is a new record for Apple. It usually takes about a month for Apple to get a new device from the announcement to the stores. Videos and articles of the new iPod are starting to pop up on YouTube and the web right now. We will be making a quick look video of the new iPod touch when I go to the Apple store to pick up my Thunderbolt display from being repaired. That video should come in 2-3 days. Yesterday when I dropped off the display they said that it would be around 3 days for it to be ready. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss the first look video. 




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