Mozilla Will Not Release an iOS Version of Firefox

03/10/2013 16:19


CNET reports at SXSW (South by Southwest) that Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s vice president, said that they have no plans to release an iOS version of Firefox. He said that they don’t want to do it because of technological limitations by Apple. Their word was the same back in 2010. They announced back then that they did not plan to create a browser for the iPhone due to technical and logistical restrictions that would prevent the company from creating an acceptable mobile experience for iOS.

Mozilla created an iOS app called Firefox Home, which allowed users to sync history and bookmarks with a Webkit-powered web viewer. They ended up removing Firefox Home form the app store back in September of 2012.

They also created a simpler version of Firefox called Junior for iOS. That app still hasn’t seen a release yet.

Like most people, I would love to see Mozilla take a shot at an iOS web browser. I am a big fan of the browser and would love a change in the simple Safari version. For now I’m just going to have to use Google Chrome.  




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