Mockup Shows OS X 10.10

03/20/2014 16:14

Ever since Apple released iOS 7 many people were assuming that it will now have an impact on OS X. We have seen many mockups, but this one is by far the best. Designer Danny Giebe has come up with what he thinks OS X 10.10 might look like. Everything down to the menu icons have changed. The Finder icon has the trademark flat look from iOS 7, Messages looks more like iOS 7, iPhoto's icon looks like the one for iOS, and the mail icon looks nothing like it does now. There is just a plain white envelope. Also in the dock is an applications folder and something else that we can't really make out. There is no trash can. 

Finder has a flatter look. The close, minimize, and expand buttons now don't have that shine on them. Folders are also very simple, with just a single image on them. The top of Finder a partially transparent. The Apple logo, file, edit, view, and other menu items also have a flatter look and thinner font. 

Mail also shares Finder's simplicity. The top of the window is transparent, the font is thinner, and the button are more simple. 

On an app like Messages, there is no toolbar. However, there is still the transparent part at the top. The message bubbles are also very similar to iOS 7, with the flat look.

iPhoto looks similar to how it does now. The window is black with darker close buttons, The images are a little flatter looking than they are now.

You can view the images of the OS X 10.10 mockup here.




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