Microsoft Office Apps Top App Store Charts

03/28/2014 13:40

One day after launch, Microsoft’s Office apps have hit the top charts in Apple’s iPad App Store. In first place is Word. Below that is Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Even though OneNote wasn’t launched yesterday the new Office for iPad launch brought more attention to that app. 

The main reason why these apps are number one is because most people who download them don’t realize that you will need an Office 365 subscription, which costs $9.99 a month. People just download them because it’s free.

It also looks like people are liking the apps. Word has 3.5 stars, Excel has 3.5 stars, PowerPoint has 4 stars, and OneNote has 4 stars. 

This launch also brought some attention to the Office Mobile app for iPhone, which went free yesterday. What this app does is allows you to view your files saved in the cloud using Office 365.




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