Make your iPhone 5 colorful!

01/17/2013 16:28


Recent rumors of the iPhone 5S say that it will be available in colors like the iPod touch 5. If there are any unhappy people with the iPhone 5 and want a colorful iPhone (like me), I think we have a solution for you. The downside of the iPhone 5 is that you can’t take off the back and put a new one on like I did with my iPhone 4S. To get into the iPhone 5 you need to go through the screen or front of the phone. Therefore if you want to change the back of your iPhone 5 to make it more colorful you need to take the phone apart (take out every piece of the phone) and put all of the parts back into the new body. You need to put it back in a new body because the back and sides are one piece. This will make the change a lot harder, where in the linked video above, I just took off the back and put a new one on. RottenApples has made it easy for any iPhone 5 owner to change the color of their phone. If you want your screen to be colorful you are out of luck because the screen is a very expensive part of the phone. The color kit in very new and it is not even out yet so we aren’t sure on many things. A few of those are the price and how the pieces will fit on. The release date is not yet known, but will be around the late January, early February. We will keep you up to date on all of the info and release date of the color kit. What color would you want? Let us know




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