MailChimp Version 8 is Coming

02/13/2013 17:13


MailChimp has been improving like crazy over the years, and now it is time for another update, version 8. The new version adds multi-user accounts: admin, manager, author, and viewer. This lets you grant permission to different people of different values in your company. For example, the admin is the person who grants the permission and the author is the person who can edit and create the newsletter. Here is how MailChimp describes the different levels:

1.  Admin: Highest level access to everything in MailChimp. Most importantly: account settings, billing info, the ability to shut down the account, and the ability to add other user types.

2.  Manager: Most of the essential functions of a MailChimp account (creating campaigns, viewing lists and reports). Basically, managers can’t access account settings, change billing, export lists, or invite other users.

3.  Author: Can create campaigns and edit templates, but cannot send them. You might give this access to an in-house designer or writer, or even to an outside design agency.

            4. Viewer: Only has the ability to view campaign reports. Grant this to someone in the company who needs to see campaign results, but doesn’t need to be creating campaigns or fiddling with lists. If you used our VIP Reports feature in the past, you could invite people as Viewers instead, so you don’t have to share reports each time you send a campaign.

There is also going to be new interface changes. The changes will be in the login screen, switch accounts, and the “send it now” part. There will also be new security controls. The final new feature is the ability to invite new users.

All of these great new features will be live as of Monday, February 18th.

Source: MailChimp Blog




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