Mac Minis Now Shipping in 5-7 Days

07/25/2013 13:11

Mac minis are now shown that they will be shipping in 5-7 days, rather than 24 hours like all other Macs. Most people are hoping that this is due to the slower production on these computers. WWDC is coming up and this would be a good time to add a Haswell processor to them.

Apple added a Haswell processor into the new MacBook Airs and it is receiving many good reviews. With what people are saying about them, it is very likely that Apple will add it to their other Macs, especially the MacBook Pro.

Apple sometimes does have shortages of Macs, but they can also mean there will be a new Mac coming soon. Right now we don’t know which one it is, but if there is going to be an update it would be around September. 




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