Mac in America?

12/09/2012 15:04


Apple recently confirmed that they will be making the Mac line up in the United States. Some people are really crazy about stuff that is made in America. Could this result in more purchases or could it be a price increase? Things make in America generally cost more to make than a place like China, but with the already big price to pay for a Mac I don’t think we will see an increase in price. I also don’t think that Apples sales will go up a lot either. People like things made in America, but the price may drive off those people who like another company. Could we see the iPad and iPhone made in USA? It depends if the would made in USA thing is a big hit on the Mac and then Apple will see from there about making those in America. To me I don’t really care where a product is made. As long as it is a good quality product I don’t care. What do you think? Do you care where it is made? Email me what you think.




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